About Siam Bell


About Siam Bell 

Siam Bell icon Bronze bell or Stone-Polished metal bronze bell, is the Thai folk wisdom in bell production with the folk technology which inherit prevent come to many the generation for many hundred years.

     The culture and the livelihood of  Thai in the ancient which earn  living the agriculture and have a temple is the junction of the community, thus small bronze bell production in the ancient for the small bell loop animals and do dedicate a temple for religious merit ceremony differs.

     Now we have developed the format of the products has the variety, modernness, beautiful more and more for use in the decoration, decorate a house, building, garden etc. but still conserve production process like original every the points for conserve the folk wisdom inherit to the new generation next.

    Bronze is the compound between the copper, tin and silver bring melt altogether with high heat when make the bell make have a voice that clear and resonant more other metal such as the brass, iron besides still have the durability can keep long ago count hundred year and be valuable more and more when the time passes

Siam Bell icon Production process atmosphere 

Bronze bell production 1      Bronze bell production 2

Bronze bell production 3      Bronze bell production 4

Bronze bell production 5      Bronze bell production 6

Bronze bell production 7    Bronze bell production 8    Bronze bell production 9

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